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                                   (Is "The End of the World" upon us?!)
                                  Are we closing on the LAST few decades?...
                                            Theoretical Time Remaining
 1,050,715,000 seconds!

        History records a 6,000 year span from Adam to the coming "millenial Kingdom" and "the end".  
            There are over 189 BILLION seconds in 6,000 years. 188 BILLION seconds are already gone...
                    However, most of the popular predictions for 2012 are still many years early!

There are many who prefer to fuel the current fear based economy by focusing on bad business and the hype surrounding 2012.  However, the true threat and real opportunity surrounds 2040 (not 2012).  The minds of the free western world are under a steady assault as the twenty-first century begins.  Our leadership, historic identity, and our pride have
 become subtley corrupted and censored by an insipid worldwide liberal communism.  Additionally, our politicians act as puppetized privateers swindling the People with bogus, over capitalized, special interests and regulations - all in the name of a false sense of "freedom".  Politically and culturally, America is in need of a rediscovery of "Self" whereas the British could likewise use a Constitution.  Above all, our Peoples need the stability that would only result after an economic re-set button were pushed.

Without any drastic change to the existing American System and serving as an Envoy against political corruption, an Ambassador, serving as a titulary representative of the Brit-American Crown will inevitably emerge to check and correct the System. A renewed committment to a fuller commonwealth will stabilize the future of the World.  As the American Executive Branch pulls left and swings right, through the coming decades, the important matters can be clearly foreseen.  Plainly spoken, when it comes to freedom, justice, commerce, science, and culture, a fuller mutuality between the U.S. and the U.K. guarantees the best survival of the World. Considerable challenges threaten the future. Whether Christian or Atheist, we must stay the course; so loss can be minimized and hope kept alive.  Our Great Destiny lies before us -  a comprehensive BritAm unification is occurring right now...

The following theory of geneological identification and chronological sequencing derives from a inique branch of knowledge - the field of Interdisciplinary Science - which draws upon the composite fields of: History - Astronomy - Egyptology - and Textual Criticism
There is time yet to redirect this Nation and the World toward the greater destiny that awaits us.  It starts with a more certain knowledge of the future.  I invite all Americans and scholars everywhere to freely preview and critique the
conclusions herein:

CONSIDER: The evidence DEMANDS that the actual "end" will NOT occur in 2012 or at any time in the next 2 decades.  Rather, the political challenges of the next 25 to 35 years come simultaneously with potential grand-scale cosmic disturbance in the years surrounding the next planetary alignment of 2040.

  Time is a relatively known quantity?  What if our best evidence suggests that there is a Divinely appointed Cosmic Clock counting down from the beginning of Time to the Millenial Age?  What if we can now see that Clock as clearly as we can see a wrist-watch?

According to the ancient sources:
from the twilight alignment of December 21, 2012 (12/21/12) (the "end" of this Age) to the official commencement of the next Age (aka: the Golden Millenium, Great Era, or Kingdom of God) there remains ~ 1,050,715,000 seconds (officially beginning in 2046:  10 years after the 2036 date given by the "Great Architect" below).  Is there such a Clock in place?  Does it actually max out around 2053 (+/- 7 years)?  Does this information shine a light on mankind's way ahead?  Will mankind survive the interim period between now and the beyond?

Find out below...


Book in progress, Bibliography forthcoming...
By Christopher L. Lingle

Measurements on the inner chronograph of the pyramid are based on the inch-per-year method and derived from vantage points marked by Rutherford. They were loosely corroborated by the author who entered the back end of the Grand Gallery and King's Chamber in 1996 while making visual estimates (this author is a Roofer by trade).  The sequence begins with 2141 B.C. as a pin-date from Rutherford (see below).  Regarding the ~2537 B.C. (~2600) date; a + or - 120 years can be acknowledged due to the questionable thickness of the original outer limestone casing that was chipped off the Giza pyramid by the ancient Greek and subsequent civilization builders; plus this margin of error must consider several documented Earth-axis tilt changes inferred by Herodotus, Chinese Histories and the Scriptures.  Hence, the dating becomes more exact moving forward in time, and as such, can be considered relatively accurate.

2537 B.C.
(~2600) is derived from estimating the distance from 2141 B.C. to the outer casing of the entrance shaft and is corroborated by a best match sky positioning of Leo and the 3 stars of Orion's belt as compared to the orientation of the Giza plateau's three pyramids and sphinx facing North as the Nile flows toward and into the Milky Way Galaxy so the dead soul travels (a process referred to in Heiroglyphs as Horakhti). This early date, or before, marks a time spoken of on Egyptian sarcophagi known as "Zep Tephi" (the Time of the Beginning). The date is corroborated by positing ~2537 B.C. as the Scriptural flood date - a (New) Beginning..

2141 B.C. is derived from the positioning of the then North Star Draconis as its light would have touched the preexisting scored line within the open entrance shaft in the twilight of the equinox. This was the approximate date that the Pyramid was refurbished under IV Dynasty Pharaohs.  (The current
popular 10,500 B.C. date espoused by many as the time of Zep Tephi has not yet fully taken into account the multiple axis tilts that occurred prior to the 7th century B.C. thereby altering sky mapping.  Earlier tilts such as those experienced at the flood and ice age would have varied from current constellation positioning and orientation). The 2537 B.C. date holds up best under close scrutiny while finding corroboration in the remaining evidence.  We will not know how precisely other eras fit until an adjustment in our retrocalculative skymodels can fully take into account the necessary adjustments.  It is, however, definitely confirmed that the mid-21st Century A.D. is also a cyclical match - with the Giza plateau accurately juxtaposed against the Orion Belt.

1434 B.C. figures from the 2141 B.C. date as the year of the Exodus and is derived from scoring to the shaft floor by the angle of the ascending passage.  From here forward the inner pyramid's chronograph takes on a specific chronology and thus, the + or - 120 year margin of error closes to just + or - 12 years.

1386 B.C. the inner corner of the ascending passage prefigures to approximately 1386 B.C. which was the jubilee year occurring during the entrance period into the Promised Land.  The margin of error going forward closes to
+ or - 7 years.

30 A.D. is arrived at by marking the end of the ascending passage. The confirmed crucifixion/resurrection year.

1914 A.D. is reached as the Grand Gallery levels off.  WWI ensues marking the start of approximately 120 years of fullness.

1976 A.D.  The entrance into the AnteChamber and approx. 2520 years (
Lev. 26 "7 times") since King Cyrus and Daniel's prophecy of the iron banded Tree.  Marks the approximate start of the last 70 years of the 430 years of the end-time Israelite/Gentile Nation represented by the Eagle (Ezekiel's prophesied 390 and 40 years, II,IV Esdras).

2036 A.D.  The exact center of the AnteChamber and earliest start of the return through the Queen's chamber and dip into the descending passage.  A date prefiguring a short tribulation for mankind and then a sudden beginning of a new and Great (Golden) Era.  5x52=260 (years) which is known in the Mayan scheme as a Grand Cycle, as in (1776+260=2036).  The measurements appear solid to 2037 (+/- 1), still, some extend this figure to ~ 2045.
(~2911 A.D Rutherford; (~3000 A.D. ). The approximate end-date marked by the return through the Queen's chamber plus her step forward through the grotto prefiguring the end of the Great Millenial Era that is coming and the beginning of the Great Era Beyond referred to as "A New Heavens and Earth".

Documenting Five Ages over ~5,000 years, the currently famous Mayan Chronographic Wheel starts from the generally accepted date of 3114 B.C.  About this date, Enoch (contemporary with Krishna) codified the Will of Yahu Yahweh to the righteous Line of Seth. Not unlike our time, a period of great enlightenment ensued during a time of  technological advancement, prior to a sudden darkness that culminated in cosmic disturbance at the time of Noah (who was the same King documented in the Gilgamesh Epic as the Sumerian - Utpashnatim).

2012 A.D.
The solstice marks the "end" of the Age.  Another 52-year cycle does not appear on the wheel indicating our current position within an Interim Period that fully develops the backdrop for the coming "Golden" Age.  A maximum correction to the GMT conversion suggests that 30 to 50 years be added bringing us to (2041 - 2060).  Finally, beyond the current decades of (2011-2040), the occurrence of the planetary alignment and concentration of comets and neo's circulating around 2040 suggests that we look specifically to the period (2037-2047) from THIS time (circa 2012) for the Great Hope of the coming Millenial Era.  No time period before or beyond the mid-21st century matches the available evidence.  At 2012, we look out over the actual horizon, over the monoliths and toward the skies; to gain a look at the other side - to a PROMISE of an "Everlasting Kingdom" to come... 

Isaiah 19:19-20 "In that Day there shall be an altar to Yahweh in the midst of the Land of Egypt and a (stone) pillar at the border (Heb. "Giza") thereof to Yahweh. And it shall be for a sign and a witness of Yahweh of Hosts"

The Giza pyramidal plateau stands at the geographical dead center of all the Earth's land mass and is oriented for the purpose of marking vantage points along the Timeline of the Gods as an end-time witness.
Originating from the same era, the parity of the regardant Sphinx/Giza above to the corroborating Mayan Chronograph at left contains a revelation for our time

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